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General Astronomy and Telescopic Links and files.
These include Telescope and Accessory Online sales, Auctions, Astronomical Data, and other sites that I have used.


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Personal Astronomy Websites:

bullet Catching The Light
bulletA web site of deep-sky astronomical photographs, tips and techniques for digital astrophotography, and image processing in Photoshop.
bullet Dale Sander: Telescoping Truss Scope
bulletWebsite for fellow T.A.S. member and innovative telescope maker Dale Sander.  As Gary Seronik wrote in the Oct. 2009 edition of Sky And Telescope, "a clever and innovative solution to the problem of collapsing a Dobsonian truss system for easy transport. Sure, a 4-pole strut can be made that way without much fuss, but what about a proper 6- or 8-pole truss? Dale Sander has accomplished this feat with his elegant 10-inch Dob."
Click on the above link or visit
bullet Earthlings
bulletPaul and Liz Downing are astronomers and Astrophotographers, with a selection of telescopes, cameras and tracking devices which are used interchangeably to produce the images which you will see on this site. 
bulletGalaxy Photography
bulletWebsite for Astrophotographer Jason Ware. Jason is a member of the Texas Astronomical Society and has been photographing the Night Sky since 1989 using exclusively Meade Instruments Telescopes.
bullet Jan's LX90 Pages
bulletWebsite for LX90 owner Janet Miller. Contains volumes of LX90 information including telescope modifications and internal operation.
bullet Stephen P Hamilton Astronomy
bulletA high quality website by LX90 owner and group member Steve Hamilton.
bullet The New CCD Astronomy
bulletRon Wodaski is one of the most renowned Astrophotographers in the industry. His book, 'The New CCD Astronomy' is used worldwide and is one of the most respected guides to creating Deep Space images.



Communities And Forums:

bullet Autostar Suite
bulletAutostar Software and LPI discussion group.
bullet AutoStarSuite.Net
bulletA Source for Meade AutoStar, AutoStarSuite, LPI, DSI, and Telescope information.
bullet Cloudy Nights Forum
bulletA large forum for all things Astronomical. One of the best forums around for information gathering.
bulletLX90 Telescope Users Group
bulletThis group is for new, prospective and current owners of Meade's LX90 SCT GOTO telescopes or anyone else interested in GOTO astronomy.
bullet Meade  4M  Community
bulletInformational website for owners of Meade telescopes and products..
bullet Meade  DSI  (Deep Space Imager)
bulletThis group is for owners or potential owners of the Meade Deep Space Imager (DSI).
bullet Meade_LPI  (Lunar Planetary Imager)
bulletA group dedicated to improving user techniques, sharing experiences, and solving user problems, with the Meade Lunar-Planetary Imager.
bullet Observatories (Homemade)
bulletA group where individuals who have built or would like to build their own personal observatories can post ideas, suggestions, questions, successes and bumps in the road.
bullet Roll Off Roof Observatories
bulletA place to discuss the construction of Roll off Roof observatories.
bullet Starry Night (Astronomy Software)
bulletA discussion group for Starry Night Astronomy Software.
bullet Taslist
bulletA Discussion group for members of the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas.
bulletTAS Membership Forum
bulletA Discussion Bulletin Board for members of the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas.
bulletTAS Public Observing Calendar
bulletPosted by formerTAS Public Observing Coordinator, Joe Lalumia. This calendar shows the various public and club related events.



General Astronomy:

bullet Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum 
bulletLocated in Chicago, on the shores of Lake Michigan, the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum is one of the premier astronomy museums in the United States. Here, you can find the latest astronomy news and information, a skywatcher's guide, ideas for family fun, a visitor's guide, and much more.
bullet American Astronomical Society
bulletProvides general astronomy information of interest to professionals and amateur enthusiasts. Maintains links to other astronomy resources on the Net.
bullet Astronomy Magazine
bullet This site contains an almanac of current sky happenings, a calendar of star parties, directories of planetariums and clubs, a well-stocked photo library, as well as product reviews on telescopes and binoculars. Well designed, this site is a pleasure to explore. Amateur astronomers will find many of the articles fascinating and comprehensible
bulletAstronomy Picture Of The Day
bulletNASA site. Click on 'Archives' at the bottom of this link for more pictures.
bulletBad Astronomy
bullet The advice not to believe everything you hear or read applies to the sciences as well, including astronomy. Here, you can read about common misconceptions and claims about space and find out the truth. For example, few people realize that there is no "dark side of the moon".
bullet Best Education Astronomy And Space Sites
bulletBestEdSites is intended for anyone who has ever become frustrated by the education website of a college or university, and for everyone who thinks that our schools can - and should - do better. BestEdSites offers a number of interesting Astronomy And Space links.
bullet CCD Images of Galaxies
bulletPresents a collection of images, specializing in photographs of galaxies. Also offers educational resources.
bulletChandra X-Ray Observatory
bulletSince its launch on July 23, 1999, the Chandra X-ray Observatory has been NASA's flagship mission for X-ray astronomy.
bulletCloudy Nights
bulletEquipment review site that assists amateur astronomers in better understanding the equipment that goes with the hobby.
bullet Constellation X
bullet This site offers information on studies of black holes and the life cycles of matter throughout the universe using a network of powerful X-ray telescopes. Excellent graphics and video clips, and clear descriptions of various astronomical phenomena combine to make this one of the most intriguing astronomy sites in the group.
bulletEarth & Sky
bullet Internet home of the popular Earth & Sky radio program, a science program created by Deborah Byrd and Joel Block for kids. Each program is one and a half minutes long and provides a brief explanation of a particular science topic. Here, you can replay the radio shows and/or read along with the scripts. Kids should check out the Activities area for games and quizzes.
bullet Excelsis
bulletAstronomy/Equipment review site. Excellent site to compare Astronomy equipment. Categories can be sorted with user rated reviews.
bullet Griffith Observatory
bullet Griffith Observatory is located in Los Angeles, California. Since 1935, the Observatory has given tens of millions of visitors the opportunity to become observers.
bulletHubble Site
bullet This is the home of NASA's Hubble telescope, where you can explore the heavens through the incredible photos that the Hubble telescope has sent back to earth. View digital images of Hubble's discoveries, read expert analysis of those discoveries, learn about the technology that powers the Hubble telescope and its digital imaging and transmission capabilities, play games, check out the reference desk, and explore Hubble's future. Site is easy to navigate, packed with great information and dazzling graphics, and is accessible and interesting to astronomers at all levels of learning.
bulletInternational Astronomical Union
bulletContains access to current and past bulletins, as well as reports posted by association members.
bullet Long Duration Exposure Facility
bullet This site is primarily designed to provide engineers with information about space environments to help them design spaceships and plan missions. The LDEF satellite, which contained 57 experiments, spent 69 months studying various aspects of the environment in space.
bullet Lunar and Planetary Science
bullet Provides information about NASA and non-NASA data as well as information about spacecraft and experiments that generate NASA space science data. Here, you can find details about specific space exploration missions plus links to planetary events and other astronomy sites. Excellent site for researching the various planetary bodies in our solar system.
bullet McDonald Observatory
bulletLocated atop Mount Locke and Mount Fowlkes in the Davis Mountains of West Texas, the McDonald Observatory is one of the world's leading centers for astronomical research.
bullet Moon Map 1
bulletMap of the moon identifying the various craters, mountains, seas, etc.
bullet Moon Map 2
bulletSeries of interactive lunar maps, with more than 2,500 geographic formations.
bulletMount Wilson Observatory
bullet Overviews several ongoing astronomy projects using innovative techniques and modern detectors. Provides information for professionals, amateurs, tourists, and educators from its location just outside Pasadena, California.
bullet NASA Earth Observatory
bulletThis public access site is designed to provide visitors with current satellite images and information about the earth—mainly its environment and how environmental changes are affecting the landscape.
bullet NASA Human Spaceflight
bullet Study the history of NASA's space missions from Mercury to the present, get real-time data on sighting opportunities, track the orbit of NASA spacecraft, obtain detailed information about the space station and space shuttle programs, check out NASA's photo gallery, and much more.
bullet This site from NASA is designed specifically to appeal to kids. Here, children can view NASA cartoons, learn about rockets and airplanes, explore the Milky Way and other celestial frontiers, tour the astronaut's living space, play games and animations, and much more. For kids who are interested in space, there's no better site on the Web.
bullet NASA TV
bulletLive NASA Television.
bullet National Geographic Star Journey
bullet View the nighttime sky using the online sky chart, complete with images from the Hubble telescope. You can also set your own course to investigate the heavens. Older children who are interested in astronomy may find some of the information here very interesting and clearly presented.
bulletNew Mexico Skies
bulletProviding onsite Telescopic equipment and accommodations to amateur astronomers.
bulletSky and Telescope
bullet This site offers information from current and back issues of Sky and Telescope magazine as well as links to information that can help you set up your own observatory, including news reports about up and coming astronomical events and information on how to take pictures through your telescope.
bullet Solar System Live
bullet Allows you to view a model of the solar system. Offers adjustable settings so you can see how the solar system would be at any given time or on any given date.
bulletPublishers of Starry Night Software, and Space News.
bullet Tonight's Sky
bulletHelping the amateur astronomer plan their night by showing what you can see and what it will look like.
bullet Views of the Solar System
bulletFeatures a vivid multimedia tour of the solar system. Contains images and information about the sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and meteoroids. You can purchase books and equipment with which to view the planets here.



Astronomical Equipment/Software/Auction:

bulletTelescope Classifieds, Auctions, Reviews, and forums. Courtesy of Anacortes Telescope.
bulletTelescope and Telescope Accessories. Norman, OK.
bullet EBay
bulletLink searches for keyword  'Telescope'.
bulletK3CCDTools is a Windows application dedicated for Astro-imaging. Version 1 is freeware which requires free license key renewal every 3 months. I have imaged with my LPI, ToUcam, and DSI imagers using this software.
bulletOceanside Photo And Telescope
bulletOceanside Telescope Retail Outlet. Oceanside, CA.
bulletOrion Telescope
bulletOrion Telescope Retail Outlet. Cupertino, CA.
bulletTelescope accessories and Hardware. Cedar Park, TX.


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