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40+ years is a long time since my tour of Vietnam.  Some memories remain clear. Other have faded. While I can still remember the approximate location of Dong Ha Combat Base (DHCB), I've often wondered what the area looks like after all these years.  Obviously any remnants of the base are gone but I was curious whether I could locate the area on a map.  One of the members of our association was able to provide me with the coordinates of the area in which we were located.  From those coordinates I located it on Google Earth.  I also had a military map showing the layout (below) of DHCB.  To my surprise I realized that some of the roads on the base map still showed up on Google Maps.  I took that military map and created an overlay so that the base is now reflected over the satellite imagery.


Our Battalion is in the lower-left (SW) area of the map. Headquarters/Headquarters Battery (HHB) is noted with a pushpin.  The DHCB airfield is the long dark strip in the approximate center of the overlay.

The following 3 maps are:

- Google map of the provincial city of Dong Ha.

- Military map of DHCB.

- Overlay of the base map onto the Google map.




**Click on the image of the map to enlarge**



While the map of the base does not line up exactly on the North end, the roads around the S.W. quadrant line up very closely.

This allows for a close proximity of the 8th Battalion, 4th Field Artillery to the Google Map


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